How to make round corners in older versions of Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator constantly improving its features and introducing new options and tools in there every latest update. One of the handiest features they have introduced in the CC Version is the Corner Widget which lets you make the corners round with one click. But many of you may be wondering how we can do this in the older versions of Illustrator where this Corner Widget trick is not available.

Today we are going to take a look at possible ways we can make corners round in the older versions of Illustrato0r so let’s jump in and check out the tricks.

Method 1 of making Round Corners in Illustrator:

One of the easiest way to make the corners round by using effects menu. So click the rectangle you would like to make the corners round.

Round Corners Effect Image

Go to > Effect then Go to > Stylize and then click on Round Corners. This is will brings up with the little window giving you options to choose the radius of the corners you want to have it also gives you the option to check out the live preview while you choose the radius.

So this is the one way you can do the corners round but what if you just want to make only one side round instead of all. Here comes our second method in action.

Method 2 of making Corners Round:

Select the Rectangle tool and draw a rectangle of any size you want (hot key for this is (M) on your keyboard).

Round Corners Rectangle Tool Image    Round Corners Ellipse Tool Image

Then select the Ellipse Tool by clicking (L) on your keyboard and draw an ellipse smaller than the rectangle. This will define the radius of your round corners you going to have. Then select both and then go to align panel either on top control bar or you may have access to this into your right side panel’s bar. In any case, you don’t find this you can always go to Windows> then from the drop down menu click on Align to activate this panel. While selected both objects selected in align panel select Horizontal Align Right and then Vertical Align Top this will align the circle on the right top side of the rectangle.

Round Corners Align 1     Round Corners Align 2

Then while selected both objects you need to go to Pathfinder Panel again this one you can access from your right side panels bar or activate it from the >Window then Pathfinder.

Round Corners Image divide Round Corners Unite Image

You first need to click on Divide this will divide every part of the object and make them separate. Now right clicks on the object then click ungroup. This will ungroup all the parts of the object and then you can delete the top right side part of the rectangle.

Round Corners ungroup Image  Round Corners Delete Image

Now select both objects again and click on Unite in the Pathfinder panel. This will make the top right side corner. Repeat the same with all other corners.

Round Corners Image   Round Corners Final Image


The radius of the corners will depend on how big you make the circle with Ellipse tool.

Hope you will enjoy this tips and leave us a comment what you think about it and if you do want to ask anything specific feel free to comment below.

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