How to make reflection- super easy way – Adobe Illustrator

Making a reflection of your objects in Adobe Illustrator seems quite an easy job but when it comes to practical sometimes it becomes very tricky.

I was quite confused which method to use in making the reflection right until I found this trick. And I would love to share this trick with everyone and let you understand how you can also make the reflection right with this super easy trick.


Let’s make the reflection in the super easy way.

Remember you can apply this trick on any object, text, logo or any of your artwork you would like to have the reflection for.

copy paste


I currently have this text selected on my artboard and I am going to make another copy of this. To do that simply go to Edit and then Copy (Hot-key is Ctrl+C) it and then again go to Edit and select Paste in Front (Hot-key is Ctrl + F).



Now click and drag this new copy and bring it down to the existing text. Press and hold the Shift while bringing this down this will make sure to bring this down in the same direction.


Now to make this reflect go to Object > Transform> and then select on Reflect. Upon clicking this you should be able to see the Reflect window pop up. Make sure you select the Horizontal option and click OK. This will reflect the text upside down.

transform-reflect  reflect

Now click on this upside down copy and bring this up and align it on its bottom. Make sure it aligns perfectly.


Here comes the real Trick!

Now while selecting this bottom copy of text which is upside down. Go to Transparency Panel and click on Make Mask. On clicking you should have something like the image below where you can see the bottom text will be hidden and has been masked now.


On the Transparency panel where we can see the mask option make sure you click on the mask box which is on the right and make sure you uncheck the Click box this will reveal the mask and show us the content it has in it.

transparancy  clip

Click on the Rectangle tool or activate this by pressing (M) on your keyboard and make sure your fill colour is set to black. Draw a rectangle which covers the whole text which is in the mask and this should look like this.


Notice you cannot see the full rectangle the reason is that you are drawing this in opacity mask so it will remain the opacity mask no matter whatever you draw in it. Now while selecting the rectangle to go to Gradient Panel and click on anywhere on the gradient bar which will activate the gradient on your rectangle which should look like this.

gradient effact

You can have the direction of the gradient in any direction you want.

Now go to tools bar on the left and select the Gradient tool this should activate the gradient bar on the rectangle. Now while the Gradient Tool selected simply drag it from top to bottom to have it natural reflection.

gradient  gradient-effact

You may notice t is not fading to transparency the right way and we can still see some of the white shade on the bottom.

Now here is the real trick to fix this.

The black colour you have selected into your gradient bar is not the pure black which is #000000. And this is causing the problem.

So to fix this simply go to the Gradient Panel and on the gradient bar double-click on the black swatch to open up its colour guide properties. Where you will notice it is not actually a real black as we always require in the case of making the reflection.

black fix1  black

Simply click and drag all the bars on each RGB values and bring them all the way to the left. This way we will have the pure black #000000. And you may also notice the changes into your reflection it is now properly fading into transparent.

Great!….  Simply click and drag this with gradient tool to adjust the direction of the fading gradient as you want to.

Just the final steps to finish so while selecting the gradient mask switch back to the transparency panel. Currently, we have the mask selected which is on the right but now click on the actual shape. Which is on the left side and bring its opacity to 40% (You can adjust this as you want) and. And switch the Click box on which we have turned off earlier.

final fix


Now we have this beautiful and nice Reflection effect.



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