Making a Landscape Illustrations are always a challenge but also a treat to work with. Selecting the right scene using the correct proportions and choosing the right colors are always pays a major part while working on a landscape.

Today we are going to create a Landscape Vector Illustration using the Adobe Illustrator CC 2017. We will be using the simple techniques for creating the elements of this landscape illustration. We have used most important tools in making the mountains. Also used a simple but effective technique using a scatter brush to create a stunning star effect. Also, we will see how we can utilize the offset path tool to create a cool looking moon with glowing rings outside.

We used a Vector silhouette of a deer in this landscape illustration tutorial which we picked randomly from Google Images. You are free to use them as you like.

Check out the full tutorial here:

I hope you are going to enjoy this tutorial and will learn something from it.

Here is the finish Landscape Illustration we have come up with.



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