5 Quick tips beginners should know – speed up your workflow in Illustrator.

Quick tips are always helpful especially when you are working with some detailed artwork. They also become very handy when you are dealing with multiple artwork files in Illustrator.

Today we are going to share 5 Quick Tips which every beginner must know to speed up your workflow in Illustrator. So let’s get started.

Tip1: Manoeuvring Around

Manoeuvring around within your artwork sometimes gets too complicated. Especially when we have multiple objects in our artwork. So we are going to cover a couple of things in the Manoeuvring category.

The very first one I would like to talk about is the Space Bar on your keyboard. No matter what tool you have selected at any time while you are working on your design work. This will turn your mouse into a Hand tool. If you press and hold the spacebar and left click and drag the mouse button you will be able to move around on different areas of your artwork. This is very handy if you want to move around your artwork without selecting any actual object.

The next we will take a look at Zooming In & out. The keyboard shortcut is for the Zoom tool is Z on your keyboard. You can simply click to zoom in anywhere on your artboard. To zoom out simply press & hold Alt on your keyboard and then click this will zoom out you will also see the changes on the mouse cursor which will be changing from + to – when you are zooming out.


You can also click and drag on the specific area on your artboard to zoom in and press and hold the Alt on your keyboard to zoom out when using this click and drag technique. There is another technique to zoom in if you want to see the 100% of your artboard. Simply press Ctrl + 0 on your keyboard this will fit your current artboard into your window. And will show you the 100% of this.

You can also see all of your artboards fit into the workspace if you have more than 1 artboard in your document.  You just need to press Ctrl+Alt+0 on your keyboard to see all the artboards.


Tip2: Selecting or Duplicating Objects

Selecting or duplicating the objects is also another useful tip. Selecting multiple objects or all objects is fairly straightforward. You can simply click on the Ctrl + A on your keyboard this will select the entire objects you have in your document. If you click and drag over the entire objects you want to select, this will also select the multiple objects.

Now let’s say if you want to select random objects but not all. So to do this you simply click on one object and then press and hold Ctrl on your keyboard and simply click on the objects you want to select. This will only be selecting your selected objects, not all the objects.

We all know there is one simple way to duplicate the object is simple Copy & Paste. But there is another shortcut in the Illustrator. Simply select the object you want to copy now while selecting press and hold the Alt on your keyboard. Now keep the hold on the object and drag it away to make another copy of it.



Tip3: Working with Smart Guides

Working precisely is as important as any other aspects of the designing. Thanks to the Illustrator to introducing this feature for us called Smart Guides. Remember this option is not available in the older versions of the Adobe Illustrator. By default, this may not enable into illustrator when you first open but you can simply go to View and select Show Smart Guides.

These guides help to work precisely by showing us purple guides while moving around the objects. For instance, if you try to draw a perfect square with rectangle tool. Smart guides will let us know when it is perfect square by showing us the purple guides when we are at the nearest position to make a perfect square.



Tip4: Scale Strokes & Effects

This tip is really handy as I was unaware to this before until I encounter the issue. Whenever I create a stroke to any object or make the corners round and try to scale it up or down. It used to go out of proportions all the time.

So I found a way to fix this. Simply go to Edit > Preferences > and click on General. You will see this preference window opens. And on the right side column, you will find few options. Few of them may be ticked you need to find the Scale Stroke & Effects and make sure you enabled this by clicking on the small box next to it. If that is not checked already.

Now you are good to go and will never have the issue of losing the proportions.

fill & stroke


Tip5: Full-Screen Mode or Toggle Panels

In some cases, you may wish to see your workspace on your full screen. It really helps sometimes as you may need to look your artwork in bigger view or more clear.

If you simply press the Tab on your keyboard this simply removes the panels except for the top bar. You can press the Tab again to bring them back on. If you press F on your keyboard this will also hide the panels but if you click F twice you should have a nice and clear view on your full screen. This way you can have more nice and clear full-screen view.



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